With the new year creeping up, its time to reflect on 2017 and let go of the year that was and focus on making 2018 better than any other.



Researchers suggest that out of the individuals who make new years resolutions only 8% actually follow through with it. Congratulations guys we are all a bunch of quitters.  Nevertheless, it is not too late to change that, lucky for us a new year means a fresh new start.  Whether you're thinking of a changing your occupation or taking your career to the next level, now is the best time to take action & decide where you want to go.

So if you want to be the 8% who achieves their new year resolutions. Here some tips on how you can start making them a reality.

  • Let go of last year disappointment and redirect that energy to achieving your goal this year. There ‘s  no point in dwelling in the past, remember the lessons learned and move on.
  • Set realistic goals, we all would like to succeed overnight and have millions of dollars in our account. But success takes time and hard work.
  • Do some research! Hope on to google and search what qualifications or skills that you require for that job or to enhance your chances of a promotion.
  • Ask for help and guidance. You could speak to a recruitment consultant for some insider tips. They will  be able to assist in mapping  the direction you need to go to achieve your goal.