We all like to think we are doing our best every day... at home, in our jobs, in our lives. However, on some days it seems like we are just going through the motions, giving our half efforts, not really putting all our energy into it. Then there are some days, we don’t even try at all.


But how much is enough?  How much effort should we put in? Its hard to determine what is acceptable & what isn’t anymore. Now, in modern society people will always demand more, and quite frankly is that such a bad thing? If there is no demand, there’s no supply.  How are we suppose to evolve & become better if we don’t strive to be better? Richard Branson didn't become a successful entrepreneur overnight, Michael Phelps isn't the highest gold medallist because he didn't try and... Beyoncé definitely did not wake up looking flawless.


What you get out of each day depends on what you put in, and how much effort your put in is entirely up to you. Look, I’m all for the sloth days, sleeping in my pj’s, watching re-run of friends. If you want to give 20% effort than expect nothing less back. However, if you want that dream house or that big promotion at work than expect to put in the hard yards.