Finding employment in today’s job market has become a tedious and time consuming task. Several years ago, Jobseekers would be able to find a job within a month. Nowadays, people could still be searching, even 6 months down the track! Don’t be too discouraged, there are a few things you could do to increase your chances of landing that ideal job you have always dreamed of!

Polish Your Resume

As a Jobseeker, you need to ensure that all of your employment and resume details are accurate and up to date. There’s nothing worse than being ruled out during the screening process because you failed to update your employment history or contact details. Remember to make your resume stand out. Understand your resume is a reflection of yourself. When you submit your application for a job, your resume is the first impression the recruiter has of you. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to have a fancy schmancy resume with rainbows and glitter. But in this saturated market, the top companies are going to be bombarded with resumes and its important to make sure that your resume clearly shows why you are the best person for the job.

Less Is More

With advancement in technologies, it has become more accessible to apply for jobs. Recruiters are seeing a high influx of applications, which in fact makes the process more difficult. The rule of thumb, less is more. Be selective on the roles you apply for and ensure it matches your capabilities and is a right fit for you.

Be Clear On What You Want

Create a list to identify your needs: position, salary, culture, job type, etc. Be clear on what you want; if you are unsure, let us know. Being an expert within the field includes being a good career coach. We can help by providing insight on the current market, positions available & discuss your options.

Just remember, you are not alone! Looking for a new job can be a challenging experience for anyone. Following these recruiter tips, can really help you increase your job possibilities. With any luck, you’ll soon be interviewed for and accepting the role you’ve been day dreaming about.