Metro work with a range of companies to provide valuable staff for casual/temp, contract and permanent positions depending on your business’s individual requirements. Our team has the flexibility to tailor employment solutions to suit your business and offer forward thinking to match the right person to the job vacancy at hand.

  • We realize that while certain skills and qualifications are essential, personality and a good team fit are critical
  • Office and Executive areas include: Administration, Accounts, Customer Service & Call Center, Sales and Marketing and Operations
  • Within these areas we can assist with positions ranging from junior staff through to senior management
  • We offer various testing and screening services including computer testing in office applications, my profile, customer service simulated testing as well as WHS and psychometric testing. We understand that reference checking with previous employers is imperative. All candidates are screened with questions relating to work performance, attitude, relationships with peers and customers and safety.
  • We employ a stringent recruitment process with all our job seekers to ensure we provide only the most qualifed talent for the role we are working with you on:

Metro Work Process

You state “professional, reliable, honest and ethical service”. I can say with honesty that these qualities from Metro are second to none. Look forward to working with you all again in the future."

Metro Client testimonial